Quality matters

We have some really nice gear – vintage where possible, but the best modern equipment is allowed a look-in where it actually helps.

Your voiceover will be recorded on a fine Neumann microphone with a Focusrite ISA 430 preamp and A/D conversion.  Protools 11 does the recording and editing, but for the real analogue enthusiasts we can also record on a fine Studer reel-to-reel machine.

We also have other legacy machines still running – contact us if you need to have material retrieved from DAT, minidisk, cassette or 1/4″ tape.

The most important ingredient of a good voice recording is time, and we listen carefully through to everything that leaves the studio on the most accurate possible monitor loudspeakers to ensure a consistent sound quality from the studio.  We want to be sure that you can just paste your British voiceover into your application and it will work!

Whatever your preference for sample rate, bit depth, codec or bit rate, we can supply it.